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You are in very capable hands at GEOFF HALE OSTEOPATH CENTRES. Dr. Geoff Hale D.O., N.D.,MaSc.AC. is a highly trained and respected long term Health Practitioner with excellent credentials and a genuine concern for your wellbeing.
Geoff specializes in High Performance Remedial Sports Therapy Treatment and his unique and compelling treatment includes :

Cranial Therapy  Soft Tissue Therapy  Functional Therapy  Naturopathy

Foot Massage


•High Performance Sports Remedial Therapy
•Cranial Therapy  •Soft Tissue Therapy
•Functional Therapy

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cranial Massage


•Diploma in Naturopathy
•Doctorate of Osteopathy
•Advanced Diploma and Masters Degree
in Applied Science and Acupuncture

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sports injury


•valiety of Vitamins

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Tues. 8am - 8pm
Sat. 8am - 6pm
Thurs. 8am - 8pm

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Dr. Geoff Hale D.O.,N.D.,MaSc.AC. is a practicing Practitioner of over 30 years in Osteopathic, Naturopathic and Cranial Therapy. Geoff’s credentials are impressive. He started out with a Diploma in Naturopathy from The NSW College of Naturopathy. He then completed a Doctorate of Osteopathy at Windsor College in Sydney. This was followed by an Advanced Diploma and Masters Degree in Applied Science and Acupuncture at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Geoff is currently a member of the Australian Osteopathic Association, the American Academy of Osteopathy, the Cranial Academy and the Academy of Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine. Geoff has lectured at Natural Health Seminars both here in Australia and in The USA and is highly respected by his peers.
At GEOFF HALE OSTEOPATH CENTRES all of our assistants have been personally trained by Geoff in the art of OSTEOPATHIC SOFT TISSUE AND FUNCTIONAL THERAPY massage. This ensures the best possible preparation of your body prior to Geoff’s personal treatment. This pre-treatment OSTEOPATHIC SOFT TISSUE AND FUNCTIONAL THERAPY massage is quite unique in the Natural Health industry and is an important factor in Geoff Hale’s remedial treatment programme.Geoff has also developed Natural Asthma treatment procedures with amazing results. Many patients, having virtually given up on ever achieving a near pain-free lifestyle have found Geoff and swear by his unique and powerful treatment process.
Geoff has specialized in HIGH PERFORMANCE SPORTS REMEDIAL THERAPY TREATMENT and has worked on numerous high profile sports people, in fields such as Ironman, Marathon, and related sports. You are in very capable hands at GEOFF HALE OSTEOPATH CENTRES.

Tues. 8am - 8pm
Sat. 8am - 6pm

SOUTHPORT 291 Ferry Rd
Thurs. 8am - 8pm

Our Happy Customers

Best Osteopath on the coast. Cares about his patients and his care is second to none. Every time I come out from a session I feel like a million bucks. HZ. (True Local Directories)

Well I was on holiday on the gold coast. I went to see Geoff Hale. What an amazing place he has. I have to say both Geoff and his team were amazing. Two visits and I am feeling so much better. Can’t wait to go back. No one in New Zealand comes close to Geoff as an Osteopath... Thank you Geoff, I’m glad I found you. Cheers Leanne. (True Local Directories. )

I first went to Geoff Hale well over 12 years ago for treatment (Head first thru windscreen, head first into pool, head first down staircase). I had virtually given up on getting any relief from the constant discomfort/pain after trying numerous Health Practitioners. Geoff’s ability to diagnose and offer a course of therapy was a like breath of fresh air. I am still calling on Geoff for ongoing maintenance which allows me near pain free living and a fantastic feeling of wellbeing. I would definitely recommend Geoff to anyone. KW.